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We offer malleable server management services with 24*7 365 days of quality support for 'Cloud,' 'Managed,' and 'Dedicated' servers in order to resolve server issues and improve server performance.

In this age of server revolution, downtime on your online business platforms is extremely costly. Poor server management, a lack of storage, networks, and backups all result in delays or failures that have a direct impact on your online business. You can explicitly manage servers and networks through the presence and 24/7 server handling solutions, saving yourself from big-time problems and all the upset customers/clients. When you finally choose our Influocial's best Server Management Services, your battle with the server-side gradually resolves and wins with peace of mind every time.

Aside from web design and development, as the best server management company, we make sure you have the most convenience when it comes to cloud server management, managed cloud server hosting, remote server management, and so on. Our skilled team of professionals with server management expertise tackles and resolves any challenges ranging from server optimization to server management.

Managed Server


A sudden server failure or other issue could lead to more serious issues. It is best to resolve it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our comprehensive server management services serve as secure boundaries for the proper operation of your servers.

Our action-oriented server audit includes firewall configuration, software package security hardening, and external scans.

Setting up servers necessitates a highly skilled and professional mind. We will install and configure the server from the ground up.

Having trouble with server configuration or server setup? All technical issues are analysed and resolved by our dedicated team.

We strive to maintain the same level of performance. As a result, our experts work around the clock to ensure your server's peak performance.

Our Support

Server Management Services

We provide a wide range of server optimization and core server administration solutions to niche server platforms with the highest level of confidence and security.

Linux Server Management

Our dedicated server Linux server management services include everything related to Linux server administration, including direct admin server management monitoring and more.

Cloud Server Management

We ensure complete cloud server performance at peak delivering strength server management includes hardware, software, security, and backups.

cPanel Server Management

Our cPanel server management services include server troubleshooting, server migration, recovering from a hacking disaster, resolving complex email and DNS issues, preventing server outages, and so on.

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We offer professional web design services at affordable rates to help your business attract more visitors and keep them on your site!

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Server Management Services

Nowadays, server management services provider demand increases, as a rise in the number of technology infrastructure developed. In India, enterprises can get their server optimized, initial setup server without expending much, and get quality support anytime, anywhere from Prabh Infotech, the best server management services provider in India.

We are experts in dedicated server management services and offering affordable remote server management services to needy businesses and IT sectors. Apart from this, our wide range of offerings remove the string from the server and assist you in day-to-day Internet operations letting you concentrate on your core business.

The exclusive benefit you may get when you opt-out of the server management services that we offer will help you eliminate costly expenditure on hiring skilled IT professionals, server equipment, data backups cost, connectivity, and others. Taking help from our engineers will design or modify, setup, and maintain networks to perform at peak while the whole concentration directive is in one direction i.e. serving clients efficiently and effectively.


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